Quality elearning for all sectors

Eglobal-studies is a Dutch, young and dynamic company engaged in a wide range of products and services regarding online e-learning courses for national and international use. We are a company solely dedicate to our products and our clients. We offer a broad selection of online e-learning for industrial ,medical , Pharmaceutical and Psychological sectors. We work with professionals in different fields to gain knowledge and intel for our courses and all of our courses are written by these professionals. We’re an officially accreditated and authorized company in Holland. However, for every Dutch course there is an English equivalent, which is directed at an international audience. We have been leading the e-learning business for quite some time, providing E-learning courses to first responders at disasters and helping Fortune 500 companies managing their protocols.

Why choose Eglobal-studies?


With expertly made courses by top notch professionals in their fields, integrated tests and round the clock support systems, we aim to continue to educate our numerous clients in their individual specialist disciplines.


You can access all of our e-learning courses on our website, which provides a very practical solution especially for companies that need to provide their employees with additional education. We’re also able to make the subject of your choice into a course. Whether it’s a commercial, medical or industrial course,your employees will get proper education on the subject of your own choice.

Trusted Certification

In Holland we are KNMG and KNMP accreditated.